What’s the TCO of AV Systems?

As purchasing decisions for AV systems become more complex, involving more stakeholders and disciplines, the push to include Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis in proposals is increasing. Although the fi nancial estimation of direct and indirect costs does help potential buyers in making decisions, it is also benefi cial to include some consideration of the far-reaching impact resulting from deployment of advanced AV solutions. Systematic cost analysis and justification for AV systems is gaining momentum mainly in larger organizations where TCO analysis is already in place for IT purchases and where a cost-centric mentality is pervasive. At many other companies and institutions, “soft factors” may play a more signifi cant role in selecting solutions. These factors include the solution’s potential impact on increasing employee productivity and business effi ciencies, as well as, in digital signage applications, its infl uence on customers and other viewers. The project’s expected Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Objectives (ROO) may also be incorporated in the evaluation. The use of presentation systems to enhance training and education, IMAG to improve experiences at houses of worship and theaters, digital signage to motivate consumers, and interactive technologies to create immersive experiences all incur costs beyond the initial purchase price of hardware and software. Expenditures on replacement parts, maintenance, training, software license renewals and a variety of other items add to the TCO. In recent years, tools have been developed to track usage, diagnose malfunctions and manage downtime over the life cycle of various AV/IT system components. Among these are AMX RMS (Resource Management Suite), Crestron Fusion and Intel AMT (Active Management Technology). Some users have also reduced costs by standardizing AV solutions across their organizations. Others have integrated collaborative solutions such as videoconferencing, not only to supplement in-person meetings and reduce travel costs, but also to reduce the ongoing costs of system maintenance and training.

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AVDB Selects VUE al-8 Line Array for Chandler Christian Church

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (7)San Diego, CA (Sept 4, 2014) – Just 25 minutes southeast of Phoenix, Chandler Christian Church in Chandler Arizona recently completed the latest addition to their impressive youth center and recreation facility. Already well appointed with a skate park, gymnasium, climbing wall, game room and café, “The Bridge” now offers a versatile, 10,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose and live entertainment venue complete with lighting and a full concert-grade audio system from the experts at AVDB

The centerpiece of the church’s new state-of-the-art sound reinforcement solution is a VUE Audiotechnik al-8 line array, with VUE V6 Systems Engines supplying all amplification and processing, and VUE subs for low frequency support. “We’ve been deploying VUE systems for nearly a year now, and have been consistently pleased with their extended frequency response and exceptional intelligibility,” explained AVDB President and Founder Marty Waverley.

“Over the years, Chandler Christian has deployed several different line arrays through various expansion projects–all with varying degrees of success,” continued Waverley. “We were very excited to see if the VUE al-8 would finally the impact and clarity they’ve struggled to achieve in other locations.”

Designed to function as both performance hall and recreation space, Chandler Christian’s newest space presented the AVDB team with a number of critical challenges, including highly reflective wood flooring and numerous exposed ceiling structures. Indeed exceptional pattern control was a critical consideration.

After creating an EASE model to determine the ideal al-8 configuration for the space, Nate Hall, AVDB’s senior AV designer, configured dual al-8 arrays of seven elements each. Five VUE V6 Systems Engines deliver power and processing for the arrays, while a pair of hs-28 subwoofers and an Avid SC48 console round out the mix.

“The al-8’s coverage was near perfect from the moment we fired it up. It was exactly as the EASE model predicted,” explained Hall. “And the sound quality is simply amazing-especially at the high end. You can lean into the al-8 and it simply never breaks up or loses intelligibility.

For low frequency, AVDB specified a pair of VUE hs-28 dual 18-inch subwoofers for the left and right of the stage. A forthcoming plan to install the subwoofers below the stage will see the hs-28s replaced by VUE’s dual 15-inch hs-25 subwoofers later this year. But Waverley isn’t the least bit worried about the swap.

“VUE is really onto something with their ACM technology,” Waverley explained. “Both the hs-28 and hs-25 subs deliver amazing amounts of clean energy for their size-dramatically more than most subs that share their footprint.”

Waverley continued, “With the lower profile hs-25 we have the perfect fit for under the stage, with almost no discernable impact to low frequency performance. The hs-25 is a really impressive unit. We’re extremely pleased.”

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