The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel -Las Vegas, Nevada

The permanent architectural projection system at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas could be considered digital signage, large-format projection, or art. Or all three. The tradition of the nighttime spectacular goes back at least to the days of son et lumière (literally sound and light). A very few pioneering artists have since mapped still images and more recently video onto the contours of a building or natural environment—even onto a moving car.

In recent years, high-profile occasions, especially in Europe, feature dramatic projection mapping supported with what is often equally evocative: music. This amazing art form dazzles and transforms by night and literally vanishes by day, without a trace. The combination of very high impact and inconspicuous footprint makes it a shape-shifting and creative platform both for entertainment and commerce.

While most projection-mapped spectaculars have been event driven, a few so far—such as the system at the Venetian Hotel—are fixed installations. As such, with a change of content, they can support an ongoing variety of entertainment and marketing for the venue; these systems can also deliver new revenue as a high impact alternative for brand marketers. Architectural projection can blow away the biggest LED screen in terms of resolution, brightness, and creativity—at night anyway.

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