Superior Services. Engineering Expertise.

AVDB Group flexibly caters to all clients – small, medium and large. Distinguishing us from the competition, our accommodating size allows us to provide personal, dedicated service at all times. You can reach us around-the-clock. Plus, senior-level personnel handle projects to ensure your satisfaction.

The AVDB Engineering Process

In collaboration with our sales and operation divisions, our engineering department not only meets but also exceeds customer expectations. From the start of any project, we participate in client meetings to identify your specific AVC System requirements. We then use computer-aided design software such as EASE, EARS, L-Acoustic Soundvision, Geosoft and other premier titles to select and lay out speakers. We also use the software to model assistive listening systems with infrared repeaters, projection systems and lighting systems, ensuring we select and implement the most appropriate equipment. In AutoCAD, we can build the AVC System and create shop drawings, enabling our installation teams to easily account for every detail. All the while, we maintain open lines of communication among all parties involved to facilitate a smooth, hassle-free construction process.

Additionally, the AVDB engineering team tests and commissions all systems, using digital testing equipment to test and equalize the audio systems, and advanced AV testing gear to test AVC and lighting systems. Finally, we analyze the measured data, provide a comprehensive report of results to clients and then compare the results against our pre-test predictions. This approach enables us to continually refine our processes and technologies – and most importantly, fulfill your needs. We also provide all equipment operation manuals, professionally bound with project-specific operation and maintenance information.

The AVDB Service Suite

Typically, an AVC System installation may include acoustics, sound reinforcement, video presentation and image magnification systems, video conferencing, camera systems, theatrical lighting and digital control. From consultation and design to installation and maintenance, we expertly offer the following skill sets:

  • Acoustics
  • Audio Engineering
  • Computers and Computer Networking
  • MATV and Antennae Systems
  • Recording Engineering and Production
  • Theatrical Systems
  • Video Engineering
  • AutoCAD Drafting
  • Broadcoast Engineering
  • General Construction
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Satellite Systems
  • Theatrical Lighting Design
  • Web and Computer Programming